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At Sissinghurst, we believe in the value of providing the most exciting and engaging Literacy environment and provision possible. Our aim is that each and every pupil develops a love of reading and communicating, enabling our children to become confident and articulate writers from an early age. Whatever stage of the learning journey, we aim to deliver the highest quality provision that equips our children for future life. 

Each strand of our Literacy offer interlinks to enable children the very best provision; Phonics and Spellings, Reading, Writing and Oracy are all championed in our knowledge-rich curriculum. The children are provided with extensive opportunities to rehearse these key skills and demonstrate their understanding in innovative and original ways.

In Early Years and Key Stage 1, we use the Supersonic Phonics scheme to teach phonics and reading. We use the VIPERS approach to continue to teach reading in Key Stage 2.

Follow the Supersonic Phonics Youtube channel to help your child at home by using the same actions and phrases 

What are pure sounds?

Click the Youtube link  to see how important it is to just say the pure sound not add a vowel onto the sound to help children learn to read and sound out words.

Pure sound in phonics is the pronunciation of each letter sound clearly and distinctly without adding additional sounds to the end. For instance, the /f/ sound is pronounced as 'f' and not 'fuh. An understanding of pure sounds will help children to blend and segment words.  c-u-p (easier to blend to read) rather than cuh-ur-puh (you may have been taught this way and it makes reading much more difficult.)

Reading Books

Children in Year R and 1 will bring home a book to practise their phonics with from our scheme of Big Cat Collins Books. These books are fully decodable and follow our Phonics Teaching Programme. Here is a link to the colour bands children will progress through.

Children in years 2-6 have more choice in their own reading material as they become confident readers. We have a wide selection of books in our KS1 and KS2 libraries to choose from.

Ask your child's teacher if you want any extra help or advice to help your child learn to read at home.

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