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Year 3/4: for children aged 7-9

Welcome to Zebra Class, taught by Miss Wells!

We are a Year 3/4 mixed class, and situated upstairs in the building. The transition from KS1 into Year 3 can be quite challenging for many children, due to the increased complexity of the curriculum. Therefore, a settling in phase at the beginning of the year is essential to prepare for future learning.   As a teaching team, we ensure the learning environment gives all children the opportunity to succeed. We cover a variety of engaging topics using a cross-curricular approach, as well as thorough coverage of the curriculum through motivating and enjoyable activities. In Year 3, the children move on from the phonic reading code to a deeper understanding of grammar and spelling rules which prepare them for reading and writing in Key Stage 2. In Maths, Year 3 and 4 continue to develop their fluency and understanding and begin to focus greatly on problem solving and mastery of new concepts.  We promote our school Christian values through everything we do, such as independent working to develop our resilience, and teamwork within the classroom and outside to develop Koinonia.

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