Sport Premium

The school uses its sports funding to employ a trained PE coach from Premier Sports. Within this role the PE specialist focuses on the following areas to enable whole school impact:

  1. Delivers PE lessons using a broad and balanced curriculum within both Key Stages 1 and 2.

  2. Delivers an after school sports club to the key stage specified by the school.

  3. Delivers inter and intra-school sports competitions for pupils in both key stages.

  4. Plans and delivers the school’s annual sports day with the help of other school staff

  5. Plans and delivers CPD opportunities to staff within a variety of areas of the PE curriculum.

  6. Ensures resources of all types are up to date and adequate for the teaching of PE.

This ensures high quality PE and sport delivery across the key stages. The CPD offered results in the up-skilling of teachers and ensures continuity and progress across all age phases.  

Read our expenditure report below.