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Online Safety

At Sissinghurst we take the safeguarding of pupils and staff seriously. We work to ensure that we are helping to create safer environments for pupils, staff and families on-line as well as off.

Enabling pupils to take full advantage of technology and preparing them for the real world whilst providing a safe environment is a tricky balancing act. Locked-down systems that exert total control over what students can access online provides no opportunity for them to learn how to become digitally responsible.

Protecting students means providing a safe learning environment by using appropriate monitoring and filtering to control what pupils can access while at school. But, this only protects them while they are on school premises.

Education around online safety is the only way to ensure that, wherever they are, they know how to stay safe online.

As a learning community, the school works in conjunction with parents to educate and safeguard pupils and families. The pupils follow an online safety curriculum throughout the school to ensure that they are safe and responsible users and creators of online content. 

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Thinkuknow Resources

The thinkuknow website has provided some fantastic resources for parents to use at home with their children. Please click on the relevant link below.

Online Safety: Activities

Child Exploitation and Online Protection command (CEOP)

Uk Safer Internet Centre

Online Safety: Activities

Acceptable Use Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Online Safety: Activities

Respect and Relationships Online

The UK Safer Internet Centre has created this video aimed towards primary school aged children.

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Online Safety: Video

Links to Resources

Keep Children Safe Leaflet

DigiDuck's Famous Friend E-Book

DigiDuck's Big Decision E-Book

Thinkuknow Helpsheet

Online Safety: Activities
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