Meet the Team!

School Staff



School Staff



Mrs Langton - Headteacher

Mrs Clark - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Wolfe - SENCO

Mrs Branson- Business Manager


Class Teachers

Mrs Lyon - Lion Class
Mrs MacFarlane - Giraffe Class
Mrs Delorie - Elephant Class
Miss Wells - Zebra Class
Mr Boyles - Eagle Class
Mrs Desai - Leopard Class


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Saxby - Lion Class
Mrs Evans & Mrs Christie - Giraffe Class
Mrs Walker & Mrs Sands - Elephant Class
Mrs Ridgway & Mrs Hill - Zebra Class
Mrs Hutchings, Mrs Ivinson & Mrs Walker - Eagle Class
Mrs Lea - Leopard Class


Support Staff

Miss Harrison - Office
Mr Humberstone - Site Manager
Mr Everard - IT Technician 
Mrs Harris & Mrs Hatcher - Kitchen Staff
Mrs Humberstone & Mrs Long - Midday Supervisors
Mr Scutariu - Cleaner



Our Vision

Committed to doing our best to drive school improvement through outstanding governance, for the benefit of the whole community.

Our Structure

The Governing Body follows the 'Two Teams' model of governance. The responsibility for curriculum and pupil attainment rests with the Learning and Development team, while the Resources team oversees the financial position of the school and has responsibility for personnel, Health and Safety and compliance. In addition the chairs of both teams meet each term with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors to discuss ongoing strategic matters. Individual governors all carry responsibility for monitoring specific areas of the school and in many cases work together, for example: the impact of Pupil Premium funding will be monitored by a governor from each team.

Chair of Governors - Bonno De Haan 

Vice Chair of Governors - Scott Martin

Chair of Learning and Development - Emily Hill

Chair of Resources - Peter Denyer

Foundation Governors

Scott Martin (DBEd) 

Peter Denyer (PCC/DBEd) 

Bonno De Haan (DBEd)

Fraser McKie (DBEd)

Wendy Eastwood (PCC/DBEd)


Local Authority Governor

Emily Hill

Staff Governors

Ailsa Clark (Learning and Development)

Parent Governors

Nathan Blackmore

Jen Hill

Ex- Officio Governors

Reverend Pete Deaves

Joanna Langton (Ex Officio - All teams)

Clerk to the Governing Body

Clerk to the Governing Body – Jane Phillips

*DBEd – Diocesan Board of Education

PCC – Parochial Church Council