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At Sissinghurst Primary, our mathematics curriculum is designed to deliver the three aims of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We aim to create independent mathematicians who enjoy acquiring new skills that can be recalled quickly and applied in challenging contexts as well as acquiring the skills to explain their own reasoning and question that of others. Our approach aims to provide all children with full access to the curriculum, enabling them to develop independence, confidence and competence in mathematics and to be proud of their own success. The children experience many opportunities throughout both key stages to use their mathematical skills in other curricular areas, giving them the opportunity to reflect upon our school values:  

Service and Kindness: the children may need to calculate their profits from running a class stall; 

Forgiveness: children learn about the lives of others in faraway places, comparing data such as rainfall, living standards or temperatures to similar data in the UK; 

Courage: Opportunities to develop mathematical skills and investigate our world and the people who inhabit it is crucial to our school vision. At Sissinghurst we try to be courageous advocates for the planet, mathematical knowledge is central to give the children the skills required to find out about the lives of others around the world and to develop their own strategies for making an impact themselves. 

Maths Curriculum: Academics

We use White Rose Maths to support our curriculum

Follow the links below to see the White Rose calculation polices used in school.

Maths Curriculum: Welcome

Online Maths Resources

Top Marks

A range of mathematical activities and games for children aged 3-14

Hit the Button

contains games that rehearse number bond skills within 10 and within 20.

Teaching Tables

has a range of times tables games for speed and accuracy.


is a great website where teachers can set activities and lessons.
Ask the school office for your login.

Maths Zone

Covers every aspect of the primary curriculum.

Fuzz Buzz Factory Number Bonds

is highly addictive and allows you to practise bonds to any number from 5 to 20

Multiple Wipeout

is great for recognising multiples


is a site for perfecting times tables - with a rockstar twist.
Ask the school office for your login.

Maths Curriculum: Activities
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