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Year 2: for children aged 6-7

Welcome to Elephant Class who are now in their final year of KS1. This class is taught by Mrs Delorie. 

Children arrive as emergent readers and writers and often develop these skills rapidly throughout the year to become increasingly confident and proficient. We learn through creative topics and enjoy using our amazing outside facilities to promote learning in a range of different subjects. Pupils are encouraged to develop strategies for problem solving and to become increasingly independent thinkers. They begin to take more responsible roles within the classroom, helping to organise both their own personal resources and those belonging to the classroom and within wider school life. We celebrate all success both large and small and take pride in the presentation of our work..

Elephants: Activities

Current Learning Journey - The Big Chill

Knowledge Organiser

Topic Web

Parent Leaflet

Diversity Plan

Elephants: Activities
Elephants: Pro Gallery
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