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We are blessed to be set at the heart of a beautiful Kent Village, surrounded by nature. We believe the outdoors can be a great place for learning and therefore run both a Forest and Farm School.

Forest and Farm School: Text

Forest School

Forest School originated in Scandinavia in the 1950s and was intended as a way to teach children about the natural world and environmental issues.  Throughout the year, all classes will spend afternoons in Forest School with Mrs Walker and Mrs Hutchings. During these sessions children spend time regularly in our wild area learning through fun and exciting outdoor activities. They learn how to co-operate and work with others to solve problems, use their own initiative and manage risks.

Forest and Farm School: About Us
Free Range Poultry Farm

Farm School

We are pleased to announce that Farm School has launched for September 2021. Each class will spend every Friday of one term at Farm School complete with a farm visit during their final session. All made possible with the help of our linked farmers (and parents) - Mr and Mrs Hall!

Forest and Farm School: Our Mission

Sissinghurst Piggy Bank Pork

Branding by our Year 6s

Our year 6 Farm School Leaders are very proud to share the product of all their hard work rearing our farm animals. We are also delighted to say that the pigs have fulfilled their task in preparing the ground for the redevelopment of the conservation area and this is now ready to be developed during the spring.

We were able to sell meat boxes containing the following cuts of meat:

  • 1 roasting joint

  • 2 x packs of pork chops

  • 2 x packs of belly strips

  • 1 x pack of sausages

  • 1 x pack of diced pork

  • 1 x pack of pork steaks.

Forest and Farm School: Our Mission

Class Trips to Paley Farm

Each class undertakes a term of Farm School sessions. At the end of their term, a class trip is taken to Paley Farm.

Forest and Farm School: Our Mission
Forest and Farm School: Pro Gallery
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