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Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Summer Term 5. This term is the run up to the Statutory Assessment Tests. As you know from our meeting at the Child Learning Review, I have ensured that the children are aware of the tests in a casual way, with the intention that they would greet the tests calmly and confidently. They have completed past papers in Maths, Spelling and Grammar with lots of support initially and then more independently – these papers have been set during assessment weeks. This means they are used to the set-up, the rules and know what to expect in terms of the tests themselves, so I hope all will run smoothly for all pupils. Here is a link that takes you to the ‘School Run’ website which answers frequently asked questions about SATs for parents: https://www.theschoolrun.com/ks1-sats-questions-answered  You can access free past SATs papers set by the government from this site – you do not have to subscribe.

This term we will learn about Islam in RE with the topic title of: ‘Who is a Muslim?’ Pupils will learn that Muslims believe in God (Allah) and follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They will identify some ways that Muslims mark major celebrations and recognise that Muslims do not draw pictures of Allah or the Prophet but use calligraphy to say what God is like.

Our topic is based on the book, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. We will learn about Louis Pasteur, and the discovery of penicillin. We will find out about ‘germs’, looking at enlarged pictures of bacteria and viruses and learn how they are spread. We will set up an experiment to find out where the most bacteria are found – on our hands, in our mouths or on the tables, ensuring that there is a control to make it a fair test. In English, we will explore the story of George and his medicine and create medicine bottle labels, write character descriptions, posters and invent our own imaginative medicines. We will, of course, begin the topic by talking about safety concerning medicines.

In Maths we will learn to find the difference by comparing numbers. We will revise comparing numbers using the greater and less than signs. By rounding numbers we will be able to estimate answers to simple additions. For the following weeks we will revise core concepts: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Science will involve outdoor learning as we are finding out about living things in their environment. We will discover mini-beats and their habitats and look at plants growing in different places around the playground and wild area.

I have downloaded SATs revision booklets for reading, spelling, grammar and maths and will ask the office to make these available on KLZ for you to download. These include full instructions for parents and advice about how to revise, and the tests themselves. The content is intended to support you in identifying where you can best support your child in preparation for the SATs.

 Mrs Delorie